Resonant Forms

6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

While artists have been working at the crossroads of visual and sound arts for decades, recently this work has experienced a resurgence as technological developments have allowed greater fluidity across artistic media and genres. The artists featured in this festival represent varied approaches to the interplay of artistic mediums, and take risks not frequently observed in traditional creative modalities.

Resonant Forms premiered Sheepwoman, a new live cinema performance piece by SUE-C. and Laetitia Sonami, commissioned by LACE. The festival also featured performances by William Basinski, Richard Chartier, Christopher Willits, Kadet Kuhne, Lucky Dragons, Yann Novak, and Celer, installations by David Kwan, Mark Trayle, and ArtSpa, hosted by Adam Overton.

Each of these artists traverses the territory between visual art, music, and sound through varied disciplines including sound manipulation, soundtrack generation, digital media, computer-generated visuals, aural landscapes, and animation.

Currently, these artists, their work, and this nascent genre are not being promoted through visual or performing arts organizations in the United States. A goal of the festival is to also cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of this work through panel discussions and workshops, where dialogue between composer and audience is encouraged.

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