Nicholas Deyoe and Matt Barbier

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

VOLUME and Human Resources are pleased to present a performance by guitarist Nicholas Deyoe and trombonist Matt Barbier, as part of “Cosm, Organism-Construction, Second Instance,” an exhibition of new work by Anja Weiser Flower.

Combining both improvisation and multi-channel electronics, both Deyoe and Barbier will work with large pedal setups to create rich textures of feedback loops and other processed material, dynamically relayed through multiple amplifiers spread throughout the darkened space. With Flower’s work, a centralized, receding point of fixation, providing a kind of dais and altar, the performance will build on the transiting and circumambulatory nature of her work to create an enveloping, panoramic sonic experience.

The fourth event in this seven-part series, Deyoe and Barbier’s performance skillfully combines the two major areas of this event program’s focus–instrumental improvisation and performance on the one hand, multi-channel electronic work on the other. A hybrid electro-acoustic entity playing on opposite ends of Flower’s work, the duo will lead a sonic and cosmic transit around this central axis point, while audience members will be encouraged to relate to both by freely moving throughout the space. As such, the evening will present an opportunity to draw closer to the often dual influence of sound on Flower’s practice, ranging from the riot-, war-, and crowd-like sounds in Iannis Xenakis’ probabilistic and electronic compositions to the intense silence emanating from Nicholas Poussin’s landscape paintings, which for him was the confrontation with death.

About the Artists

Nicholas Deyoe is a Los Angeles based composer, conductor, and guitarist, and is the Co– Founder and Artistic Director of the wasteLAnd concert series. His music has been called “intriguingly complex and excitedly lush” by the LA Times. The New York Times wrote that Deyoe’s a new(er) anxiety “contrasted filigree lightness and explosive loudness…without seeming to strain for effect.” Drawn to sounds that are inherently physical, Nicholas strives to create music that engages listeners intellectually and emotionally by appealing to their inner physicality. His compositions combine uses of noise, delicacy, drama, fantasy, brutality, and lyricism to create a diverse sonic experience. As a guitarist, Nicholas strives to further the already vast sound world of the electric guitar by experimenting with microtonal tunings, preparation, bows, and beer cans. He has received commissions from The LA Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, USINESONORE Festival, The La Jolla Symphony, Palimpsest, and several soloists. His music has been performed in throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. As a conductor, Nicholas has performed with wasteLAnd, ICE, The La Jolla Symphony Orchestra, Red Fish Blue Fish, Ensemble Ascolta, The Darmstadt Preisträgerensemble, Noise, The University of Northern Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and many ad-hoc ensembles in the United States and Germany. He holds a Ph.D. in composition from UC San Diego where he studied with Roger Reynolds. Nicholas is currently on faculty at California Institute of the Arts where he conducts The Ensemble and teaches composition.

Matt Barbier is an LA based trombonist and composer focused on experimental intonation, noise, and the physical processes of his instrument. His playing has been described by the LA Times as being “of intense, brilliant, virtuosic growling that gave the striking impression that Barbier was dismantling the instrument while playing it.”

To encourage new repertoire and the expansion of his instrument, Matt engages in collaborative relationships with a range of composers including Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Michelle Lou, Nicholas Deyoe, David Brynjar Franzson, Timothy McCormack, and Katherine Young. He has also given world premieres of works by a wide spectrum of composers including Katharina Rosenberger, Richard Barrett, Catherine Lamb, James Tenney, Anne LeBaron, Scott Walker, and Jürg Frey.

Matt is a founding member of gnarwhallaby, the low brass duo, RAGE Thormbones, with Weston Olencki, Trio Kobayashi, wildUp, and is an assistant director of wasteLAnd music. Matt is a member of the performing arts faculty at CalArts and teaches trombone and euphonium at Los Angeles City College (LACC).

Matt has performed for the Monday Evening Concerts, LA Phil’s Green Umbrella, Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Dartington International Summer School, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Hamburg’s KlangWerkTage and Kampnagel, Berlin’s 7Hours, Palimpsest Ensemble, InAuthentica, Carnegie’s Zankel Hall, the New Century Players, and The Ensemble at CalArts, as well as presenting guest lectures at CalArts, UCSD, UCSB, University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University. He has also been in residence at Harvard (HGNM), UCSD, Stanford, CalArts, UCSC, Columbia, NYU, and UCLA. Matt has recorded works for release of Populist, Mode, Hat Hut, and Innova Records. Additionally, he has released a technical manual for composers and trombonists on the production and compositional integration of lip multiphonics and split tones.

As a composer he has written music and created sound installations for The Factory Seconds Brass Trio, WasteLAnd, gnarwhallaby, RAGE Thormbones, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, SASSAS, Machine Project, LACMA, the Los Angeles Trombone Collective, and the Getty Villa, as well as engaging in a long term collaborative relationship with digital media artist Tom Leeser.

His trombone teachers include Richard Stout, James Miller, Michael Svoboda, Alex Iles and Dick Erb. He studied composition with Ulrich Krieger and Wolfgang von Schweinitz. Matt received a MFA from CalArts.

Anja Weiser Flower is trying to stitch together a newly centralized aesthetic construction. Anja Weiser Flower wants to pull the unitary social mind together with you. Is modeling a point of concentration whose sheaves you can read through, feeling some of the patterns in which our Everything organizes itself. Is trying to get you to feel the underlying potential of a transsexual universality in human life, is here for the potential of an unwhite disabled queer feminine transcendent overcoming, the material human community. Coming to meet the still very real possibility of globally overcoming the capitalist social world and establishing communistic social relations. Coming to meet the cosmos.

She lives in San Francisco, California, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and will have her work featured in an upcoming project by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) and Printed Matter, Inc.

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