Jan Jelinek, Kid606, & OCD

Los Angeles, CA

VOLUME is pleased to announce an evening of performances by Jan Jelinek, Kid606, and OCD, co-produced with Perpetual Dawn.

For all its increasing reputation as an international arts hub, Los Angeles remains a peculiar proposition. The spread-out and car-dependent nature of the city distinguishes it from the denser urban environments often cited as loci of creative foment, offering instead a perhaps greater possibility for expansion and focus in the studio or home. It is thus somewhat appropriate that VOLUME is pleased to present an increasingly rare solo performance by Jan Jelinek at the Safari in downtown Los Angeles. After rising to prominence with 2001’s Loop Finding Jazz Records, which sampled and processed jazz recordings to create a distinct sound environment that retained a vestigial sense of relation to its source material, Jelinek’s work developed an increasing focus on collaboration and improvisation, including most recently Schaum, his second collaborative album with vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, released earlier this month. Other such projects have included Groupshow, an improv trio with Hanno Leichtman and Andrew Pekler, and a series of audio-visual performances presented at Centre Pompidou Paris developed with video artist Karl Kliem. Jan Jelinek is currently an Artist Fellow at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades, where he has been working on a project using field recordings of film locations to re-soundtrack the cinematic scenes once shot there.

A long-time fan of Jelinek, whose work has been remixed by the Berliner under his Farben alias, Kid606 has been a cornerstone of West Coast electronic music for nearly two decades. In addition to numerous releases, including recently 2015’s Recollected Ambient Works series, 2013’s Happiness, and 2010’s Songs About Fucking Steve Albini on Important Records, he founded the label Tigerbeat6, which since the turn of the millenium has offered a fearless and irreverent alternative to the over-seriousness of much of the experimental electronic scene. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Kid606 has been tirelessly active with Perpetual Dawn LA, a monthly party series that brings a sorely-needed Berlin-inspired club experience to Southern California. For this event, Kid606 will present an all-new quadrophonic set composed specially for the occasion, which stands to rank among the artist’s very finest work to date.

OCD is the musical project of Mark Taylor, who is also the cofounder of Los Angeles-based cassette label Group Theory. Revealing an almost encyclopedic range of influences, his sound is difficult to classify, referencing black metal, dub techo, and dark ambient with equal ease. It might be called noise, albeit not in the sense of the mannered abrasiveness that has come to characterize the genre as such — rather, it has more in common with the disregard for convention and freedom of experimentation that characterized noise groups like Destroy All Monsters. Address and directions available with ticket purchase, or email [email protected] with “volume” in the subject line.

This event is a coproduction with Perpetual Dawn.

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