Fabio Perletta

Los Angeles, CA

VOLUME is pleased to introduce its first artist-in-residence, Fabio Perletta. During his 10-day stay in Los Angeles Perletta will perform his first concert in the United States, where he will premiere ‘Ichinen.’ Perletta also plans to visit the numerous Zen temples in the Little Tokyo neighborhood as well as to collect field recordings of the greater Los Angeles area.

Fabio Perletta creates immersive auditory fields that engage auditors to experience intimate and meditative states, using the sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation. Crossing the boundaries between pure electronics and musique concrète, his research is marked by a deep attention to details and use of silence and near-inaudible sounds. From recorded compositions and sound diffusions to site-specific interventions and installations, Perletta’s work ranges widely, often referencing seemingly different yet complementary terrains such as Zen aesthetics and quantum physics.

His installation work has appeared worldwide at festivals and art spaces including A×S / ak-sis / Festival 2014: Curiosity (Pasadena, US), BlueProject Foundation (Barcelona, ES), Museum of Modern Art (Medellín, CO), Kid Ailack Art Hall (Tokyo, JP), SoundFjord Gallery (London, UK), Café OTO (London, UK), O’ Art Space (Milan, IT), E-fest Cultures Numériques (La Marsa, TN), Flussi Festival (Avellino, IT), roBOt Festival (Bologna, IT), Acusmatiq Festival (Ancona, IT), Krake Festival (Berlin, DE), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome, IT), Raum (Bologna, IT) and many more.

Perletta’s solo and collaborative recordings are mainly documented on LINE (US), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Auf Abwegen (DE) and his own imprint Farmacia901, which, since its establishment, has received critical acclaim internationally.

Since 2013, he has been co-working on the artistic research program Lux, a curatorial project dedicated to presenting works by sound artists in the context of visual arts through exhibitions and residencies. He has participated in various artists residencies including Aqua Matrix initiated by Flussi Festival in Southern Italy and EMS at Elektromusikstudion in Stockholm. 

In recent years, Perletta has collaborated through curatorships, installations, performances and recorded works with the likes of Asmus Tietchens, William Basinski & James Elaine, Yann Novak, Giuseppe Ielasi, Mark Fell, Nicolas Bernier, Luigi Turra, France Jobin, xx+xy visuals, Richard Chartier, Thomas Köner, Davide Luciani & Mote Studio and Christina Vantzou, among others.

Perletta continues evolving his sound, while keeping his paramount interest towards the exploration of the inter-relationship between notions of presence, intangibility and focus on listening.


MOVIN’UP II session 2016 promoted by: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism
General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs
General Directorate for Performing Arts
and GAI – Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists

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