Igor Amokian, Zzyzxzyzz, and O.C.D.

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

VOLUME and Human Resources are pleased to present performances by Igor Amokian, Zzyzxzyzz, and O.C.D. as part of “Cosm, Organism-Construction, Second Instance,” an exhibition of new work by Anja Weiser Flower.

Building on themes of spatial orientation and spatial concentration, this evening will feature harsh and immersive four-channel soundscapes by three notable emerging experimental artists.

Igor Amokian has been active as a producer for many years, with a particular emphasis on on circuit-bending a wide range of consumer electronics to produce unique and unexpected sounds. Zzyzxzyzz, a collaborative project of Aaron Bartell and Ian Wellman, uses electromagnetism as a base source material for generating live sonic landscapes that merge science and art. O.C.D. is the musical project of Mark Taylor, who was featured by VOLUME alongside Kid606 and Jan Jelinek in 2016. A common theme is an interest in the material basis and materiality of sound, augmented here by an exploration of the spatial possibilities of multi-channel performance.

About the Artists

Igor Amokian – circuit bending producer cross blends various genres of electronic beats, music, and noise, exploring random realms of sounds with his audiences as his machines usually take over. A wide mix of Igor Amokian sounds and music can be found all over Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Hundreds of Igor Amokian circuit bending videos are posted on YouTube.

Zzyzxzyzz is a collaborative listening experiment conducted by Aaron Bartell and Ian Wellman, currently focused on the electromagnetic sounds of everyday objects. The project explores an often unheard sonic landscape in the post-industrial world. Aaron Bartell, AKA AnalScubaHive, is a sound artist and co-founder of Triptronics Research, a biweekly experimental electronics series in Los Angeles. Ian Wellman is an IATSE Local 695 production sound mixer and field recordist.

O.C.D. or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the alias of Los Angeles based musician Mark Taylor. His music can be described as experimental electronic music with elements of techno, psychedelic rock, dub, Krautrock, ambient music, noise, and black metal. He is currently working on a collaboration with Madlib and finishing up a new album.

Some of his influences include Skullflower, COIL, GAS, Autechre, Philip Jeck, Demdike Stare, King Tubby, Keith Hudson, Destroy All Monsters, Aphex Twin, Darkthrone, Paysage D’Hiver, Boredoms, Lustmord, Ash Ra Temple, Faust, and Popol Vuh.

Utilizing recordings of synthesizers, electric guitar, and samples, Mark’s sound has the ability to transport the listener to a different place through repetition, loud volume, and subtle manipulation of recorded samples to dizzying effect. His music can induce trance like listening experiences while at other times abruptly changing direction on the fly resulting in wild and unpredictable sonic experiences. On stage, Mark primarily uses recording samplers to achieve his live sounds. He has played consistently around the LA area for over a year now and has opened for Jan Jelinek, Kid606, Yann Novak, Richard Chartier, Robert Crouch and SFV Acid.

Anja Weiser Flower is trying to stitch together a newly centralized aesthetic construction. Anja Weiser Flower wants to pull the unitary social mind together with you. Is modeling a point of concentration whose sheaves you can read through, feeling some of the patterns in which our Everything organizes itself. Is trying to get you to feel the underlying potential of a transsexual universality in human life, is here for the potential of an unwhite disabled queer feminine transcendent overcoming, the material human community. Coming to meet the still very real possibility of globally overcoming the capitalist social world and establishing communistic social relations. Coming to meet the cosmos.

She lives in San Francisco, California, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and will have her work featured in an upcoming project by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) and Printed Matter, Inc.

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