Ezekiel Honig, Steve Roden & Infinite Body

6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

LACE and VOLUME are pleased to present a very rare Los Angeles appearance by New York based composer Ezekiel Honig, with performances by Los Angeles artists Steve Roden and Infinite Body.

About the Artists

Using the loop as more of a tool than a rule, Ezekiel Honig paints outside the lines of electroacoustic music, nestling into a comfortable, shared space between muted techno, melodic, event-driven ambient, textural downtempo and slowmotion house – using them as reference points from which to stray, rather than as steadfast frameworks. Drawing on the rich history of musique concrete, Honig looks to incorporate a material nature into his music by imbuing it with a host of field recording/found-sound sources in the search for a balance between digital software innovation and the physicality of the world around us. Using the sounds of plastic, metal, wood and air in collaboration with Rhodes, guitar, horns, piano and other instrumental origins, his music is one of contrast and contradiction, combining minimal, abstract tendencies with a core of timeless harmonics – pairing inviting, fuzzy chords with clunky and dirty “mishaps.”

Steve Roden is a visual and sound artist from Los Angeles. His work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation, and performance. Roden’s working process uses various forms of specific notation (words, musical scores, maps, etc.) And translates them through self invented systems into scores; which then influence the process of painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound composition. These scores, rigid in terms of their parameters and rules, are also full of holes for intuitive decisions and left turns. The inspirational source material becomes a kind of formal skeleton that the abstract finished works are built upon.

Roden has performed his soundworks at various arts spaces and experimental music festivals worldwide including the Serpentine Gallery London, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, the DCA Dundee Scotland, Redcat Theater Los Angeles, as well as performance tours of Brazil and Japan.

Kyle Parker, better known as Infinite Body, is no stranger. He burrows deep inside what a song is, how to strip down something so far to where it just becomes two things, sound and feeling. Infinite Body started in August 2007, after performing and collaborating within the land of LA’s harsh noise world (Haircut Mountain Transit, Gator Surprise, Men Who Can’t Love). After years of making “Harsh” sounds with the other groups, Kyle started Infinite Body to encompass all things beautiful and began performing and recording this new project. On record, at times it can be hypnotizing and emotionally charging. Other times it inspires you to think about life and drift off. Live, it takes another form — learning the ropes from the noise world, Infinite Body sets out to bliss out your mind, soul and ears by taking over your senses (he plays LOUD and he has a lot of lights that warp and dance with the music). It becomes an extremely vibrating, beautiful, and rewarding experiment. After a self released CD titled “White Hymn”, which has won over many listeners, and a few limited 12″s, Infinite Body recorded “Carve Out The Face Of My God” for PPM. It is a step in a new direction with swells, peaks, and valleys of ethereal noise and field recordings arranged for Infinite body’s extreme contextual mind. This vaporous and concise recording effort marks Infinite Body’s transition into deeper waters and opening up to the world around him.

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