VOLUME: Del Vaz Projects

Durring the three-week run of “Haunted Formalism” VOLUME will take up residence at Del Vaz Projects to present a full, thematic event program to run concurrently with the exhibition.

This upcoming program will take full advantage of the possibilities of working in an apartment gallery to offer a unique series of intimate experiences designed for a small audience. These events will explore the theme of haunting not just as an irreducible ambivalence between life and death, but in the broader sense of works and practices that exist between and confound ostensibly contradictory binary categories, such as that of performer and audience, virtual and real, and even time and space.

About Del Vaz Projects
Del Vaz Projects is an ongoing renovation of form, mood and thought located in an apartment in Little Osaka, Los Angeles. The name derives from the Farsi phrase dast-o-del vaz, meaning open-handed and open-hearted.