Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

April 5, 2018, 8pm — Opening reception with quadrophonic sound performance by Elsa Trash.

VOLUME and Human Resources are pleased to announce “Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance,” an exhibition of new work by Bay Area artist Anja Weiser Flower, curated by VOLUME member Jared Baxter.

The main exhibition space of Human Resources, formerly a movie theater, will be completely darkened, with Flower’s work, a new iteration of an ongoing project, illuminated by a single hanging light. Presented in its “first instance” at Odium Fati in San Francisco in 2016, the work asserts a receding point of fixation beyond naming. It is a place to trap yourself into heavenly orbit of the possibility of making universal, real human community, bringing an end to the world of whiteness, (cis)gender, disablement, and pervasive social alienation, and unifying human action and knowledge: to face the cosmos. With this orienting device, we might come together for a moment to consider the proletarian possibility of a universal flowering, the beginning of a world.

VOLUME will host seven musical events over the course of the show’s run, and the last four days of the exhibition will feature an interactive sound installation by Stephanie Cheng Smith. In keeping with Flower’s exploration of both spatial concentration and spatial orientation, the event program is roughly divided between improvisational, instrumental, and electro-acoustic performances and multi-channel electronic work by leading artists in their respective fields. With an aim to opening up possibilities for engagement outside of the traditional performer-audience relationship, audiences of each performance will have the chance to freely organize themselves in relation to the sound and the space.

This exhibition is intended to be accessible to users of wheelchairs and other accessibility devices. Human Resources’ front entrance has one step, and they have a folding wheelchair ramp. The side entrance is wheelchair accessible. Human Resources does not have a wheelchair accessible restroom. The bathroom is gender neutral and has 2 stalls adjacent to each other. All events will take place in darkness, with Flower’s work as the main source of illumination, and other, minor lighting sources as needed for a particular performance. Please contact Human Resources with any accessibility questions or requests.

About the Artists

Anja Weiser Flower is trying to stitch together a newly centralized aesthetic construction. Anja Weiser Flower wants to pull the unitary social mind together with you. Is modeling a point of concentration whose sheaves you can read through, feeling some of the patterns in which our Everything organizes itself. Is trying to get you to feel the underlying potential of a transsexual universality in human life, is here for the potential of an unwhite disabled queer feminine transcendent overcoming, the material human community. Coming to meet the still very real possibility of globally overcoming the capitalist social world and establishing communistic social relations. Coming to meet the cosmos. She lives in San Francisco, California, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and will have her work featured in an upcoming project by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) and Printed Matter, Inc.

Over the last 15 years, Elsa Trash has worked in media including musical and non-musical sound, drawing, painting, sculpture, video, zines and comics. Her latest music/sound projects are Painwife, Scissoring, S.A.D. and Inverts, and she was part of the 2017 exhibition Soundtracks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She lives in Oakland, California.

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