HF4: Spatial Reconstruction

October 16, 2016, 8:00PM

VOLUME @ Del Vaz Projects
1526 Armacost Ave
Apt. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Free with suggested donation of $5-15 - Buy Tickets

VOLUME proudly presents its first arcade as the fourth event in its October residency at Del Vaz.


Nicole Fein and Dean Smith’s new works, on view at Del Vaz Projects from the 7th – 28th of October, all stand in an uncertain relation to everday, embodied reality. Fein’s watercolor drawings, for instance, seem to suggest virtual worlds at once microscopically small and cosmically large, simultaneously evoking bacterial cultures in a petri dish and supernovae. Likewise, Smith’s often labyrinthine compositions in graphite are also, but for the delicacy of the lines, nearly functional hand-drawn circuits. In visually tracing the course of these intricate structures, the viewer becomes a co-creator in a manner evocative of vestigial interactive technologies from the Etch-a-Sketch to Pac-Man. In keeping with this thematic resonance, VOLUME proudly presents Spatial Reconstruction, an arcade featuring games by Moga, Slimegirl, and Lily Zone, as the fourth event in its Haunted Formalism series at Del Vaz.

Moga will be presenting a new game called Angel’s Feast, an abstract horror RPG about Shul, who wakes up in a dark world after being shunned from her lifelong dream to be a Lightbearer in the Lyceane Monastery. Using whatever you can grab onto, guide Shul to either escape the darkness — or dive deeper into its gaping mouth. Slimegirl will also be presenting a new game, titled ξύνω [scrape], about [interacting in cycles of] alienation. Lily Zone will be showing her 2014 release Oneiric Gardens, a series of chambers drawing from half-remembered spaces and feelings, which features honking cube sounds produced by Porpentine. This arcade was organized by Slimegirl in collaboration with VOLUME.


The games will be projected in each of the three rooms occupied by VOLUME’s exhibition, with wireless keyboards and mice available for players to use.

This event is free of charge. We ask that you consider making a small donation to support the participating developers and VOLUME’s programming, either using the ticket link above or at Del Vaz the day of the arcade.

Event image courtesy Moga.