May 28, 2014, 10:00PM
  • Andras Blazsek
  • Virons

Stream or download here.

VOLUME takes residences at KCHUNG for two months of bi-weekly Wednesday night programs.

Live performance by Virons, and a special live collaboration between Andras Blaszek and Emily Verla Bovino.

10pm Andras Blaszek and Emily Verla Bovino present <<<Logical Volume Identifier>>>, for internet radio and scroll montage.
Stream the audio live at http://www.kchungradio.org/stream.html while viewing the companion video piece at http://www.mobile-irony-valve.net/index.php/lvi/lvi/

10:30 Virons live audio performance

Andras Blazsek (b. 1984) lives and works between northwest Germany and northwest Hungary; Emily Verla Bovino. (b. 1980) lives and works between southern California and southern Italy. Bovino and Blazsek collaborate virtually and have also shared physical studio space in a number of urban environments including Mexico City, Milan, Prague and San Diego. For the curious: please, visit URL://http://amigzaj.blogspot.com/ and URL:///www.mobile-irony-valve.net/index.php/project/-/

Los Angeles based Virons is Nicholas Rossi, an audio/visual artist, focusing on sonic architecture and spaces by means of modern analog synthesis.